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1. Kazunori KITAZAWA (1949~) / artist

  • Published: 2011-07-21T00:27:56+00:00
  • Duration: 419
  • By baeikakkei
Kazunori KITAZAWA (1949~) / artist

09,July.2011 at MCAF Kazunori KITAZAWA 1949 Born in Ina, Nagano, Japan 2008 JUNE [IBARUNA Story / Stones on the roadside Beneath the Wheel] (Inakita High School Kaorugaoka Hall Ina,Nagano Prefecture) JULY [Specific time and Specific events / World in conflict is repetition, repetition appears white walls series No3 ] MATSUSHIRO CONTENPORARY ART FESTIVAL Vol.7(Remains of an underground bunker Matsushiro Imperial Headquarters. Nagano Prefecture ) JULY [SERGE PEY ANTHEM series No18 ~ 20] The Continuous Performance Art Exhibition 13th NIPAF・ASIA・Performance Art Exhibition '08 (gyouda Nagano, Tokyo) OCTOBER [The Salt of the Promised Land" Re-creation]  Art Exhibition: Homage to Yutaka Matsuzawa (Kensei Hall RokuzanPark Azumino, Nagano Prefecture) ) NOVEMBER [Ikegami Akira Case・production notes] Yanase Villa Art Education Project (Villa Yanase Tokyo National Museum Tokorozawa Saitama Prefecture ) DECENBER [A house of gamblers][The Hill] series / The project from end-1994 (ARIAKE Hotaka Azumino,Nagano Prefecture) 2009 APRIL ["N + N"] [The Poetry Box] Installation of the inner world  (Nerima Ward Museum Tokyo) APRIL Organized by Seizi Shimoda [Current Performance Art Current NIPAF Vol.7] free, autonomous. Free, automatic [SERGE PEY ANTHEM series No23 SERGE PEY ANTHEM] (KID AILACK ART HALL  Setagaya Tokyo) JUNE [IBARUNA Story] Final chapter (Inakita High School Kaorugaoka Hall Ina ,Nagano Prefecture) 1949年伊那市生まれ。2008年12月、約14年間住みながら制作した「丘」をめぐって』連作「残侠の家」を終了。2010年11月、生家で体験した土地の権利をめぐる問題を、場所の「境(さかい)論」として把握し、自己正当化のため巧妙かつ隠微な虚をつく邪悪な人たちの思考の物質化を試みて、「池上晃事件補遺No3刺客の風景」を東京国立博物館柳瀬荘(所沢市)で展開した。 camera,edit by Tetsuya MACHIDA / baeikakkei