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1. Harriet Sugarcookie's Japenese schoolgirl cosplay

Harriet Sugarcookie's Japenese schoolgirl cosplay

Asian pornstar Harriet Sugarcookie dresses as a Japanese schoolgirl and goofs around on a photoshoot, all set to music.

2. Sora Aoi Japanese porn star who taught entire Chinese generation about sex!

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Sora Aoi Japanese porn star who taught entire Chinese generation about sex!

Follow Nexter for more: Meet Sora Aoi, the Japanese porn star who had the whole generation in China educated about sexual intercourse. It is unbelievable that sexual education in schools of China is really poor. What about parents? Are they shy too to talk about sex to their kids? It is this one great thirty-four-year-old Japanese lady that helped the men and women of China to understand what sex is all about. This Asian pornstar started her career back in the 2000s quickly becoming popular among men in China. It can be argued that Aoi is the reason for the increase in Chinese sex and China being the most populous country. Ms. Aoi has featured in many adult-content videos. In 2010, Aoi created an account on Twitter, and since the website is banned in the country, many men acted against the censorship imposed by the president; they used virtual private networks to access Twitter and follow her. The night people went past the firewall has been referred to as ‘the evening of Aoi.’ Later she created an account on a Chinese website similar to twitter known as Weibo. She gained more followers than what some celebrities have. She officially called it quits and reinvested herself as an actress of normal films and as an artist. It is on Weibo that Aoi let the people know about her engagement to DJ Non, a musician. In less than two days, a hundred and seventy thousand people commented on the post. Eight hundred and thirty thousand fans liked it.

3. Cocktails Made Easy App for the iPhone and iPad

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Cocktails Made Easy App for the iPhone and iPad Have you ever wondered why you can never recreate the perfect cocktails you drink at the bar in the comfort of your own home? End your anguish with "Cocktails Made Easy," the exciting new lifestyle application featuring 45 of the world's tastiest and extravagant cocktails, complete with video guidance and hints and tips from one of the world's leading bartenders. Whatever your poison, you can learn how to create the perfect drink to tantalise your taste buds. Dan Bovey, one of the three finalists of Bacardi Legacy UK 2013, is your resident expert teaching you everything you need to know in order to become self-taught cocktail supremo. Discover the equipment and ingredients you need to make the perfect cocktail every time. "El Momento Perfecto," Bovey's signature cocktail and one of the hottest new drinks in the industry, is featured in "Cocktails Made Easy." Key Features: • 45 Handpicked cocktails, featuring both old-school classics and more modern drinks • Step-by-step video tutorials for each cocktail • Additional tutorials to help users understand the basics of cocktail making • 7 categories of cocktails, including non-alcoholic Includes the following cocktails: Vodka Cocktails • Cosmopolitan • Lychee Martini • Vodka Martini • Moscow Mule • Pornstar Martini • Espresso Martini with Vodka • Nice Pear Champagne Cocktails • Bellini • Champagne Cocktail • French 75 • Kir Petillant • Spandau Bellini Rum Cocktails • Daliquiri • Dark & Stormy • Mojito • Mai Tai • Zombie • Pain Killer • Death Punch • Pinacolada • Hukilau • El Momento Perfecto • Millionaire Cocktail Whiskey Cocktails • Manhattan • Old Fashioned • Sazerac • E-Z-Groni • Whiskey Sour • Japanese Highball Gin Cocktails • Breakfast Martini • Gin Martini • Singapore Sling • Bramble • Vesper Martini • Wibble Cognac Cocktails • Side Car • Brandy Alexander • Cherry Crusta • Blazer • Between The Sheets Non Alcoholic Cocktails • Nojito • Ginger Sling • Tall, Dark & Handsome • Old Fashioned Lemonade