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1. Heart Bot

  • Published: 2014-08-28T00:04:20+00:00
  • Duration: 75
  • By Odd Division
Heart Bot

Heart Bot is an experimental drawing machine controlled by the heart rate of its audience. Commissioned by Sid Lee New York to launch a new collaboration between Intel and SMS audio at the New Museum in New York. Full credits for the whole intel x sms audio launch event: Agency: Sid Lee NYC Head of Digital: Kwame Taylor-Hayford Senior Producer: Kristen Koeller Junior Producer: Ariel Lim Executive Creative Director: Caprice Yu Creative Director: Dan Chandler Experience Designer: Daniel Dominguez Art Director: Jin Young Yoo Account Director: May Aboubakr Account Coordinator : Gillian Couchmam Production Company: Tool of NA Director: Aramique ( aka Odd Division ) Executive Producers: Dustin Callif, Oliver Fuselier Technical Director: Jeff Crouse ( aka Odd Division ) Engineers: Ranjit Bhatnagar, Matt Mets Industrial Design: Adam Thabo Graphic Design: Nikolay Saveliev Head of Digital Production: Joy Kuraitis Producer: Kate Schwerin Fabrication: Southside Design and Build DP and editor: Nathan Punwar Music: Gary Gunn

2. Heart Bot

3. 2010 Burning Man - Robot Heart - BOT

5. Behind the Cardboard Curtain

  • Published: 2011-03-16T07:28:27+00:00
  • Duration: 287
Behind the Cardboard Curtain

A Look Inside the Heart of an Art Bot -KJ3000. Another cardboard collaboration with Kiel Johnson. This time with the talented folks at Roger LA and the Cypress College Art Dept. Music by: MOPHONO "Cut Form Crunch" & DAFT PUNK "Robot Rock".

7. The Tri-Hearts Vs. Dub-Bot

The Tri-Hearts Vs. Dub-Bot

Here is my individual project from the Animation Advanced course at Yoobee@Natcoll Design School. Still a few things I would like to fix up. A low quality version at the moment, will upload a better one when I can/have access to After Effects CS5!


  • Published: 2012-11-19T17:30:27+00:00
  • Duration: 20
  • By Science News

A tiny bot chugs forward, powered by the beating of rat heart cells along its curved “leg.” Credit: V. Chan et al/Scientific Reports 2012

9. Tech Art Montage

  • Published: 2016-04-16T18:04:49+00:00
  • Duration: 96
  • By dadageek
Tech Art Montage

Thanks a million to the following who made this montage possible via CC w/attribution licensing. You do amazing, inspiring work! Squarepusher Motion Portrait Test by Mike Brondbjerg DuckUnit-Handmade / 3D Projection Mapping on Head Sculpture-BlackHead Concert by DuckUnit Hakanaï / trailer by Adrien M / Claire B SENSELESS DRAWING BOT by yang02 Game of Thrones / Sword Experience by Red Paper Heart Monolith by Khalil Klouche Noisy Table at the Art of Motion by Will Nash VAC / Rutt-Etra-Izer™ by felixturner Kinect 2 Library for processing preview by thomas sanchez lengeling Light kinetics by espadaysantacruz studio ADIDAS (Light Installation) by espadaysantacruz studio works 2012 - 2014 by Andre Uhl The Art & Science Of Touch by Anarkik3D Myo Glow Left Forearm Prototype by Niel McLaren Beyond Human by NuVu Studio

10. Moscoman - Misled Loophole (official video)

  • Published: 2013-10-13T13:49:09+00:00
  • Duration: 410
  • By I'm A Cliché
Moscoman - Misled Loophole (official video)

from Moscoman EP out now on I'm a Cliché get it here: listen to full EP here: video editing by Moscoman Cliche 52 - release date: Sept 16, 2013 I’m a Cliché is proud to introduce Moscoman. Although every club in Tel Aviv has known him for years as a DJ, the simply titled “Moscoman EP” is his debut release as a producer. He is named like a bad guy in some comic book about the Cold War, and has recently settled in Berlin, capital of the Iron Curtain. It comes as no surprise that the “Moscoman EP” briefcase includes three spy-friendly discreet, slow-burning and unfailing lethal weapons. “Fuse of Hell”, “Misled Loophole” and “Feos Chaos” are six or seven minutes long instrumental techno tracks, all driven by bass lines that stick to one’s brain and playful drums. “Moscoman EP” is the tenth release this year by I’m a Cliché, the French label founded by Cosmo Vitelli in 2004. Featured artists have been Bot’Ox - Cosmo Vitelli’s own band and their spin-offs, In Fields, Red Axes, Crackboy... Besides these records, there also has been the Edit Service series : one free download avery two weeks. Two of them were offered by new signing Moscoman. Coming soon are Bot’Ox’s second album and Red Axes’ first one. Moscoman biography The first mix Moscoman has ever done was when he was 10, in a mixtape he made for the girl he loved back then. She broke his heart but he decided not to let this incident interfere with his dream of becoming a dj. 20 years later, after djing in almost every club it Tel Aviv, Moscoman, now based in Berlin is releasing his debut ep on the french boutique label I'm a Cliché. With influences from a wide spectrum of both Rock and Electronic music, Moscoman manage to find a deep and unique sound that is treating to take over dance floors and hearts all over the world.

11. Embrace the Darkness

  • Published: 2017-11-28T12:10:56+00:00
  • Duration: 134
  • By Blake Darkly
Embrace the Darkness

Embrace the Darkness - Featuring Marilyn "Purity and temptation, the battle that wages throughout human history. The Virgin Mary, her sacred heart exposed, represents our good intentions, our positive deeds, emotional mind, the innocent benign state of humanity that may exist. Everyone is tempted, the voices are there always, as much as we deny and try and turn away, spite, hurt, greed, infinite ways we are broken, Represented as Lucifer, the Fallen Angel or variations of, across many cultures, should we feel guilty about these feelings or try and accept them as part of our psyche and realise we are bot alone in the struggle that is life." "Marilyn beautifully portrays the two sides, as her wondrous eyes gaze into the oblivion of life, protecting her exposed heart, as the voices start their incessant call, she looks in fear and confusion as the bell of Satan pierces and tempts, the battle that never ends and never will." A film by Blake Darkly

12. 2013 Video Sesión - Wake Up And Make Love With Me - By Sesions Chus.60min

  • Published: 2013-03-01T23:06:57+00:00
  • Duration: 3761
  • By sesions chus
2013 Video Sesión - Wake Up And Make Love With Me - By Sesions Chus.60min

01-Shlohmo - Later. VIDEO EDIT BY SESIONS CHUS WITH Moments of a crisis compilation Teaser. 02-Muse - Madness. 03-John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts. 04-Bot'Ox - Blue Steel. 05-Little Boots - Superstitious Heart VIDEO EDIT BY SESIONS CHUS WITH Dark Crystal. 06-Aeroplane - Superstar. 07-Red Axes - 1970. 08-Gigamesh - When You're Dancing (feat. Induce). 09-Capital Cities - Safe and Sound. 10-Ian Dury - Wake up and make love with me. VIDEO EDIT BY SESIONS CHUS WITH Escalofrió en la Noche. 11-The Amplifetes - You Me Evolution. 12-CLOCK OPERA - BELONGINGS (AUDIO _ VIDEO REMIX BY CLOCK OPERA). 13-Theophilus London - Wine & Chocolates (andhim Remix). 14-Voltaire Twins - Solaris. 15-Shindu - Just Go. 2013-02_Video_Sesión_-_Dirty Or Sweet Love, You Decide-_By Sesions Chus. Video & Music Sessions By Sesions Chus Sesions Chus On Youtube

13. Fat Loss factor Program

Fat Loss  factor Program

Body fat is something which is present in everyone. With time and due to many factors, the fat percentage increase and people become obese. Obesity has affected millions of the people worldwide and studies have shows that one out of three people in the world are obese. With the rise in obesity, more and more people are looking for ways to control the body fat. Increase in body fat can lead to increase in blood pressure, blockage of heart and other diseases. A simple diet and little bot of exercise can easily bring unbelievable results. Most people tend to quit when they don’t see results right away but it takes time for results to happen as nothing is immediate. This is where willpower and dedication is required, to help you stay on track. If you can stay focused on your goal to lose weight and get in shape, you will succeed.

14. BOT5_Trailer

  • Published: 2016-01-01T00:11:44+00:00
  • Duration: 30
  • By ccubillan

After several months of hard work, we have the great pleasure of introducing you the trailer of short film, Bot5. This is a quick overview of what we are creating for you. We are planning on shooting the short-film towards the end of the spring – beginning of summer 2016 and we will take 6 to 8 weeks for post-production. So stay close wink emoticon There is still work to come, but things are aligning towards the achievement of this project. It is a very exciting experience for us and we are putting all our passion and good energy into it and we hope you will be part of this amazing journey. I would like to give a big thanks to the crew of Bot 5, for their very professional work, their unlimited compromise to the project and the camaraderie we share together. You are the heart and the engine that propels this spaceship! Thank you friends. Actress: Mélody Minville Directors: Félix Colina / César Cubillan Director of photography: Sebastien Sigouin-Couturier Production assistant: Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz Sound designer: Peter Reinders Engineering and Programming: Mohamed "Mo" Meguid Engineer advisor: Luis Condemarin 3D artist: Alejandro Suavita Music: Daniel Cubillan Costume design: Liuba Munger / César Cubillan Art director: César Cubillan Also I would like to thank all the collaborators and friends of the project, who follow us closely and are always there to help us in different ways. Thank you very much. Valeska Chwoschtschinsky Alexandre Gingras Martin Gingras I invite you all to follow us on our Facebook page in which we will constantly be publishing photos and news about our project and its development. Entertain you and make you dream is our commitment to you. Thank you all, Cesar

15. Kauzbots Donates First Water Well in India

  • Published: 2009-01-07T16:45:28+00:00
  • Duration: 126
  • By David Trotter
Kauzbots Donates First Water Well in India

With a vision to impact national and international causes, ‘Kauzbots’ founders just returned from dedicating the company’s first water well in southern India. Placed in a rural village of the Dalit caste (otherwise known as ‘untouchables’), the water well will provide clean drinking water for over 500 families that have never had access to this basic commodity. Launched in 2008, Kauzbots is a line of handcrafted plush toy robots designed to inspire kids and adults to make a difference in the world. With 10 bots being released in 2009, each 18” tall Kauzbot is a ‘robot with a heart’ that is passionate about a particular cause, ranging from pediatric AIDS to autism to the protection of the environment. 10% of the retail price (MSRP of $24.99) from the sale of the Kauzbot (and any accompanying products with his/her likeness) is given to the non-profit organization that is associated with that bot’s cause, indicated by an accompanying tag on the product. “Standing in the middle of a rural village surrounded by mud huts with thatched roofs and hearing about their desperate need for clean drinking water fuels our passion to make a difference,” said David Trotter, co-founder of Kauzbots. “Kauzbots are more than just cool robots. They are changing the world.” As the Kauzbots founders arrived in the village, children from a neighboring orphanage placed leis on their necks and tossed flower petals in the air as a gift of appreciation. After meeting village elders and hearing about the sickness and disease that results from contaminated drinking water, Keith Page and David Trotter shared words of encouragement and cut the ribbon. The first Kauzbot to be launched is known as ’Kalvin’, the leader of the Kauzbots. Kalvin is excited about rallying his friends to become passionate about causes that he learns about in his exploration of the world. Kalvin is not linked to one particular cause, but he introduces new causes on a quarterly basis. As Kauzbots launches, Kalvin is passionate about the need for clean drinking water in locations where it is inaccessible. Kauzbots has partnered with ‘Harvest India’, a 30 year old humanitarian organization, to identify the specific villages that are most in need. Proceeds from the sale of Kalvin currently are being dedicated to this cause. “We are very happy to work with Kauzbots as they seek to make an impact with clean drinking water,” said Suresh Kumar, president of Harvest India. “There is nothing like seeing the need firsthand.” About KAUZBOTS Kauzbots is a new line of plush toy robots that are passionate about causes around the world. For each Kauzbot (or accompanying apparel) that is purchased, 10% of the retail price is donated to the cause that is close to that robot’s heart. We are team of friends, artists, and ex-pastors who are passionate about inspiring kids and adults to make a difference in the world, and we are committed to putting creative ideas into action. For more information on becoming a non-profit partner or to purchase a Kauzbot, visit or call 888-KAUZBOT (528-9268).

16. Oper für 4 Busse / Opera for 4 Buses

  • Published: 2011-09-25T10:55:29+00:00
  • Duration: 840
  • By Gisela Weimann
Oper für 4 Busse / Opera for 4 Buses

Gisela Weimann, Berlin 2001 OPER FÜR 4 BUSSE Vier Busse sind Kunstobjekte, begehbare Skulpturen und ein mobiles Opernhaus. Die „Oper für 4 Busse - eine imaginäre Reise durch Europa“, habe ich beim Museumsinsel Festival „Götterleuchten 2001“ in Berlin inszeniert. An der Produktion dieser 'imaginären europäischen Reise' in vier verspiegelten Stadtbussen waren Komponist/-innen und Solist/-innen aus Deutschland, England, Finnland, Russland, Holland, Italien und der Schweiz beteiligt. Die Kostümbildnerin kam aus Litauen, der Lichtdesigner aus Rumänien. Jeder Bus repräsentierte ein europäisches Land mit einem experimentellen Opernakt der von den zeitgenössischen Komponisten geschrieben wurde. Vorgestellt wurde diese erste Fassung eines 'Europa vor Ort' auf der Museumsinsel im Herzen Berlins, die als Weltkulturerbe ein vorzüglich geeignetes Bühnenbild bot. Die Opernhandlung in 4 Akten spielt in den vier Stadtbussen, die innen und außen durch Ornamente aus Spiegelglas und durch Lichtstimmungen in optisch wirkungsvolle Objekte verwandelt werden. Im Inneren der Fahrzeuge entsteht eine unwirkliche Raumsituation durch sich gegenseitig reflektierende Spiegel und Zwischenräume aus Fensterglas. Diese Wirkung wird durch spiegelnde Requisiten und Kostüme der Solisten erhöht. Die vielfältigen Reflexe und Spiegelungen vermischen sich mit den realen Bildern der Außenwelt und verwandeln sie in einen sich ständig verändernden Bühnenraum. Durch das Umsteigen von einem Bus bzw. einem Akt in den anderen erlebt das Publikum eine Reise durch Europa, wobei die jeweilige Umgebung und die Halte- und Umsteigepunkte der Busse in die Inszenierung einbezogen werden. Auch wer sich auf die Rolle des neugierigen Passanten beschränkt, sieht und hört Ungewöhnliches und wird, ebenso wie die Umgebung, als Spiegelbild automatisch zum Mitspieler. Eine allen vertraute Alltagssituation, die Fahrt mit dem Stadtbus, wird so zu einer neuen visuellen und akustischen Erfahrung. Normalerweise zweckgebunden, ist sie in diesem Opernhaus auf Rädern eine künstlerische Reise. Durch die Verknüpfung von Kunst und Alltag und das Zusammenführen von normalen und hochstilisierten Handlungen werden Menschen mit ganz verschiedenen Erfahrungshintergründen angesprochen. OPERA FOR 4 BUSES Four buses are art objects, walk-in sculptures and a mobile opera house. I have produced the “Opera for 4 Buses - an imaginary journey through Europe“ - in the frame of the Museum Island Festival „Götterleuchten 2001“ in Berlin. The collaborators of this 'imaginary European journey’ in four mirrored city buses were composers and soloists from Germany, England, Finland, Russia, Holland, Italy and Switzerland. The costume maker came from Lithuania and the lighting designer from Romania. The stage design for the presentation of this first version of a 'Europe on location' was the Museum Island in the heart of Berlin – a world heritage monument that offered a perfect backdrop. Each of the buses represented one European country with an experimental opera act written by a contemporary composer. By moving from one bus to the other after each presentation the audience experienced an imaginary journey through Europe. The operatic plot, in four acts, takes place inside the four city buses that have been transformed – inside and outside – into intriguing art objects through ornamental strips of mirror glass and coloured lighting. These vehicles enter into a visual and acoustic dialogue with their surroundings and passers-by while travelling on a defined route and include them as integral part of the performance. Inside the buses an unreal spatial illusion is created by mirrors on the windows as well as spaces of window glass in between. Reflecting props and costumes, also adorned with mirror ornaments, intensify this effect and the multiple reflections transform the world around them into a constantly changing stage. Mirror strips and patterns may also be applied on store fronts and windows of buildings along the bus route in order to form a new, infinite and disorientating design when they drive by. The familiar, everyday experience of a trip on a town bus, which normally serves a simple and practical aim, becomes an unfamiliar and artistic journey taking its passengers to unexpected places in this chamber theatre on wheels. Aesthetically transformed commonplace objects and actions thus allow for a broad audience identification and acceptance on the one hand, whilst addressing specialised art lovers with artistic interventions, avant-garde music and libretti based on literature on the other. This fusion of art and everyday life, of the banal and highly stylised, allows people with different cultural backgrounds to enjoy the opera.


  • Published: 2017-01-02T05:24:33+00:00
  • Duration: 271
  • By kelly nesbitt

People often about about my work, this is the work. Festival Dates: Jan 19, 20, 21 @ 8pm (at Lightbox Kulturhaus); Jan 27, 28, 29 @ 8pm (at SomaSpace) Venues: Lightbox Kulturhaus (Jan 19-21) 2027 NE MLK Blvd. SomaSpace (Jan 27-29) 4050 NE Broadway St. Tickets: $12 Buy tickets Dr. Tallulah is a fiery Shamanic Healer, Sexual Activist, Zen Cosmetologist and Vaginal Consciousness (VAGCON™) Pioneer. Imagine a metaphysical cross between Archie Bunker, Dr. Ruth, Carol Burnett, Edith Bouvier Beale and Maria Bamford. VAGCON™ is a workshop/performance led by Dr. Tallulah that integrates group thrusting, fake orgasmic breathing, 3rd eye rubbing, traumatic storytelling (with a twist!) and consumption of powerful jungle medicine. We utilize Qi-Gong Gi-Long foam rolling movement techniques, laughter-based therapy, and reversed Gestaltian methods to emphasize the phenomenality of both client (Dr. Tallulah) and therapist (Audience) to safely cultivate attunement, freedom and reconnect with our VAGCON™. This is the work! Anyone interested in becoming more connected to the VAGCON™ is welcome – beginners, cismales, wounded healers, laymen, seasoned practitioners. No vagina is necessary to tap into the fold! This original story taps into the zeitgeist of a New Age baby boomer generation and walks the line between satire and the performer’s (Nesbitt) own vulnerability in her quest for intimacy. It’s a combination of pratfall/seriousness and uses pathos/audience participation in her descent into the exploration of her sexuality that reveals her heart’s truest desire. It’s poignant, raw, zany, hilarious, grotesque, absurd and brilliant. You’ll laugh, sigh, possibly cry. For mature audiences. TICKETS:

18. CSI Crime City Funding Cheat Download For Facebook 2012 FREE!

  • Published: 2012-11-08T09:34:40+00:00
  • Duration: 10
  • By abigail wylie
CSI Crime City Funding Cheat Download For Facebook 2012 FREE!

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19. Unboxing Glamour Ghoul Box (November)

Unboxing Glamour Ghoul Box (November)

This week Haley and Jeffery open November’s Glamour Ghoul Box and see the goodies inside. Check out Glamour Ghoul Box and all the artists below. Glamour Ghoul Box The Risky Rabbit – “Hex Kitten“ Sleep mask and Hierophant art print Ginger Voodoo – “Summon” Organic Body wash The Mad Bombers – Cauldron Bath Bomb Sacred Heart Crystals – Crystal Earrings Flora and Aurora – “The Spell Book” Eye Shadow Pallet Music: “Welcome to the Show” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Killing Time” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Cool Rock” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Block Man” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Cool Hard Facts” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Delusion 32” Jason Shaw ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Thump” Jason Shaw ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Delay Rock” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Junkyard Tribe” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Thought Bot” Jason Shaw ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Feels Good” Jason Shaw ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Rocker” Jason Shaw ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Zombie Radio” The Threshold People ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

20. "Heart & Music" (2010)

Heart & Music“ ist eine Produktion, die in der Planung, Probenphase bis hin zu den Aufführungen äußerst harmonisch abgelaufen ist. Hauptverantwortlich dafür waren das fantastische Leading Team rund um Rita Sereinig sowie natürlich die 32 DarstellerInnen des Performing Center Austria. Das intelligente Showkonzept von „Heart & Music“ spannte einen Bogen über verschiedenste Musicals, die den 9 AbsolventInnen die Möglichkeiten bot, ihr Potential auszuspielen, um ganz zum Schluss die Klammer, die zu Beginn mit „Footloose“ geöffnet wurde, mit „For Now“ und „Heart and Music“ zu schließen. Wer die Show nicht sehen konnte, hat etwas versäumt, aber vielleicht sind die – etwas weiter unten stehenden - so wunderbar intelligenten „Heart & Music“ Blogs von Jürgen Kapaun ein kleiner Ersatz dafür. Auch wenn das Schuljahr erst Mitte Juni zu Ende geht, haben die 9 bereits jetzt eine Visitenkarte für ihre professionelle Laufbahn abgegeben, die beeindruckend ist.