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1. "Party Pooper" short comedy

A young man, feeling the onset of explosive diarrhea, nevertheless decides to attend a small party in order to chat with the girl he likes.

2. Hans Goes to Korea

  • Published: 2011-02-17T08:44:25+00:00
  • Duration: 1024
  • By Jay Hubert
Hans Goes to Korea

Meet Hans. He's 37, lives at home with his parents, and is hopelessly single. After failing miserably at finding true Bavarian love, he gets hooked on Korean dramas and decides to try his luck finding a girlfriend in Korea. Soon he discovers tasty Korean food, Seoul's colorful motels, and a nerdy young girl named Yun-ju - his perfect match. Now all he has to do is stand up to her jealous ex-boyfriend while trying to get over a bad case of diarrhea! Keep an eye out for the upcoming sequel: Hans Goes to China! Shot on a Canon XH-A1

3. GDragon Heartbreaker New Parody

  • Published: 2009-08-19T01:01:26+00:00
  • Duration: 228
  • By poopi ness
GDragon Heartbreaker New Parody

So the basic storyline is that GD’s girl left him. However, he’s not as upset that she left him and broke his heart as he is about the fact that she ate all his precious canned apples before she left. She did it just to spite him too because she doesn’t even like eating canned apples, which is what he’s referring to when he says “I thought you hate it”. She even ate it after he specifically marked the cans with the letter “G” to signify that it belonged to him. GD however quickly gets over the canned apple because he knows he has some better apples saved up. He taunts the girl with how great his imported apples are, and how she will never be able to taste its sweetness. GD is serious about these apples, as he guards them day and night, no matter what. Unfortunately, she managed to sneak in and take a bite out of all his apples he had saved up. Just to spite him, she only eats them half way. GD is baffled when he walked in to check on his babies, only to find that they’re all half eaten. He is left bewildered as to how she could have guessed his sophisticated password of “G”. In the end, she is a true heart breaker, making him suffer until the very end. NOTE: Chica is spanish for “girl” Butt leaks, well that’s pretty much diarrhea

4. Come Here Often?

Come Here Often?

An off-beat short comedy film about a young man's endearing attempts to gain the attention of a beautiful girl in the most awkward of settings, an STD clinic. His struggle to start up a conversation is geared by his quirky yet pathetic awkwardness and his unrelenting verbal diarrhea.

5. Come Here Often? (2011) -Short Film

  • Published: 2011-10-26T02:51:41+00:00
  • Duration: 654
  • By Christina Raia
Come Here Often? (2011) -Short Film

An off-beat short comedy film about a young man's endearing attempts to gain the attention of a beautiful girl in the most awkward of settings, an STD clinic. His struggle to start up a conversation is geared by his quirky yet pathetic awkwardness and his unrelenting verbal diarrhea. Winning film at the August 2012 Katra Film Series! Screened at Cinema Night at Brooklyn's Tiki Bar on January 10th. Screened at the Poet's Den Theater for the Best of Katra Series Finale on January 12th 2013. Selected for Reel Works of NYC in March 2013. Shot in one day (18 hours) on June 19th 2011. Final cut edited by October 2011. Shot on Canon 5D mkii. My second independent short film. I had an amazing cast and crew, especially my lead actress who showed up sick but pushed through all day. Everyone involved was brilliant and a huge help. I'm incredibly proud of this film and we all had a blast shooting it. I hope that audiences will be entertained by this awkwardly funny little film. Enjoy! Behind the scenes photos: I wanted to create a film that played around with fantasy in a tensely real location. I didn't want to utilize music or offer the audience any level of comfort to distance themselves from the awkwardness of the situation. I wanted the audience to feel as though they're sitting in that room observing this guy fail miserably every time, and, although feel awkward witnessing it, find it pretty hilarious regardless. I thought it would be really clever and entertaining to have such a funny and light-heartedly goofy encounter in such a serious and claustrophobic environment. I wanted the encounter to seem as real as possible (again, with only ambient sounds and no music) so as to make the realization (that all the little attempts of the main character are actually just fantasies) all the more confusing yet entertaining. I didn't want music to cue the audience when another fantasy would begin and end; I wanted that to come through in the editing. Once again, hopefully you enjoy the film. I definitely enjoyed making it. Production costs- $1,000 (+ $150 for festival submission fees)

6. Diarrhea Planet - Orange Girls

7. Walk 4 Water Promo

Walk 4 Water Promo

It’s hard to fathom. The idea of waking up before sunrise every morning and spending hours walking just to find a water source. Walking along dense, marshy paths that are home to snakes and crocodiles. Every person in the village knows someone who has been killed by one or the other, and many have seen it happen. Even that isn’t as scary as the walk itself, which leaves young women exposed to human predators (such as passing fishermen) who may be lurking in the bushes. If you survive the walk, you stand in line to access a muddy hole in the ground that you share with both your neighbors and the livestock. Then you carry 40 pounds of dirty water all the way home on your back and to serve to the people you love most. You are constantly suffering from stomach pain and diarrhea, and many children lose their lives to water-related diseases. If you are a young girl, you are not able to attend school and escape poverty with an education. It’s a world most of us don’t know. And yet, it’s the reality for 748 million people around the world—748 million! That’s nearly 10 percent of everyone living on this planet. We got lucky. We’re the other 90 percent. We happened to be born in places where we’ve never had to worry about finding water or deal with the fear that our water might affect the health of our families. Compelled to make a difference, New Hope Church in Lorton is organizing a Walk 4 Water to raise money for a well. The distance of the walk represents the length that women, usually young girls, in Africa walk each way to fetch contaminated water for their families. On average, 26% of an African child’s day is spent collecting water, a life necessity that robs them of their safety and health, as well as their future. The event will take place on June 3, 2017 at 8905 Ox Road in Lorton. You can Register online at or at New Hope Church on the day of the event. On-site registration and check-in opens at 8:00 am Walk steps off at 9:00 am. This event will raise funds to drill a well in the Ugandan village of Bumirambako where villagers currently walk 3-kilometers (one-way) to an open pond, which is a breeding ground for water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. Over the past seven years, events held like this around the country have helped raise enough money to drill over 340 wells in East Africa. These deep-water wells, at a cost of $10,150 each to drill, can provide access to safe water to nearly 10,000 people and impact generations.  The Walk 4 Water events typically bring out more than 350 people to help raise money for water wells in Africa. It’s a great event to bring children to because they can learn about life on the other side of the world. More walkers and donors are always welcome. WHEN: June 3, 2017. 8:00 am registration and check-in. Walk steps off at 9:00 am WHERE: New Hope Church – 8905 Ox Rd., Lorton, VA 22079 DETAILS: Register online at or at the site on the day of the event at 8:00 a.m. Adults $35; 12 and under $15 (all registrations include t-shirt while supplies last). Parking: Free. Dogs are welcome on a leash. Contact: Lisa Felchle, (443) 567-9308,

8. Girl Code Season 2 Probiotics Sketch

  • Published: 2014-04-16T15:42:17+00:00
  • Duration: 74
Girl Code Season 2 Probiotics Sketch

Imagine being the one girl in the probiotics commercial who has to keep admitting to having diarrhea... pretty sweet acting gig.

9. intussusception


Dr. Duneant performs an ultrasound on a 15 month old girl brought in for lethargy and bloody diarrhea with a few episodes of vomiting.